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Team 17

Team 17

Team17 was born in December 1990 from 17Bit Software (that bit better than the rest!) when a group of young, designers and developers thought that they could do better than most releases of the time. In the beginning, they also shortly used the name Team 7 International during the development of their first games, Miami Chase and Full Contact.

The European home computer market leader was the 16Bit Commodore Amiga computer and it was experience and affection for this machine that inspired the team to develop games as good as they knew the machine - and were capable of personally.

In June 1991, Team17 released Full Contact , a beat-em up which rocketed to the top of the Gallup charts and stayed there for weeks, this was to set a trend for the company and more success followed with Alien Breed , Assassin , Project X , Superfrog , Body Blows and Alien Breed 2 all becoming fantastically successful titles which earned Team17 an outstanding reputation for classy, highly playable games. This culminated in a joint software-house of the year award in 1993, when the prize was shared with the giant Electronic Arts.

The success didn't stop there and the desire and hunger to produce bigger and better games went on, the company underwent rapid expansion as they outgrew office after office - until in 1995 they moved into their present headquarters, a 16,500 sq.ft modern office complex.

Their desire to take their games to the four corners of the globe saw them tie in with Ocean Software in Manchester. With Ocean they expanded onto console platforms, developing on PlayStation, Saturn, Atari Jaguar, CD32, Phillips CDI, Megadrive, Super Nintendo, Game Boy and even the Virtual Boy.

More success was to follow when in 1995, they released Worms to the world!

Worms is their best selling title to date, which has sold over one million units and has won a line of prestigious awards. Worms has also continued to be a massive hit on the PlayStation, earning an award from the Sony development community as a reward for the best arcade-strategy game on the system.

They currently have about 60 staff members working on a variety of projects in their Ossett HQ.
Addiction Pinball 1998 Action Windows
Alien Breed 1991 Action Amiga, DOS
Alien Breed 3D 1995 Action Amiga, Amiga CD32
Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds 1996 Action Amiga
Alien Breed II: The Horror Continues 1993 Action Amiga
Alien Breed SE & Qwak 1994 Action Amiga CD32
Alien Breed (Special Edition 92) 1992 Action Amiga
Alien Breed: Tower Assault 1994 Action Amiga, Amiga CD32, DOS
Arcade Pool 1994 Simulation, Sports Amiga, Amiga CD32, DOS
Arcade Snooker 1995 Simulation, Sports Amiga
Assassin 1992 Action Amiga
Assassin Special Edition 1994 Action Amiga
ATR: All Terrain Racing 1995 Racing / Driving Amiga, Amiga CD32
Body Blows 1993 Action Amiga, DOS
Body Blows Galactic 1993 Action Amiga
Cardiaxx 1993 Action Amiga
F17 Challenge 1993 Racing / Driving Amiga
Family Fun Pack 2004 Action, Simulation, Strategy Macintosh
Full Contact 1991 Action Amiga
The Full Wormage 1998 Action, Strategy DOS, Windows
Hogs of War / Worms 2002 Action, Strategy PlayStation
Kingpin: Arcade Sports Bowling 1995 Sports Amiga, Amiga CD32, DOS
Lemmings 2006 Strategy PSP
Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy 1999 Adventure Windows
Overdrive 1993 Action, Racing / Driving, Sports Amiga, DOS
Phoenix 1999 Action, Simulation Windows
Play the Games Vol. 4 2001 Action, Adventure, Racing / Driving, Simulation, Sports, Strategy Windows
Project-X 1992 Action Amiga, DOS
Project-X Special Edition & F17 Challenge 1994 Action, Racing / Driving Amiga CD32
Qwak 1993 Action Amiga, Symbian
Silverball 1993 DOS
The Speris Legacy 1996 Action, Adventure Amiga, Amiga CD32
Stunt GP 2001 Racing / Driving Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Windows
Superfrog 1993 Action Amiga, Amiga CD32, DOS
Super Stardust 1994 Action Amiga, Amiga CD32
Ultimate Body Blows 1994 Action Amiga CD32, DOS
World Rally Fever: Born on the Road 1996 Action, Racing / Driving DOS
Worms 2007 Strategy Xbox 360
Worms 1995 Action, Strategy Amiga, Amiga CD32, DOS, Game Boy, Genesis, Jaguar, PlayStation, Saturn, SNES
Worms 2 1998 Action, Strategy Windows
Worms 2 / Worms Armageddon 2006 Action, Strategy Windows
Worms 3D 2003 Action, Strategy GameCube, Macintosh, PlayStation 2, Windows, Xbox
Worms 4: Mayhem 2005 Action, Strategy PlayStation 2, Windows, Xbox
Worms Armageddon 1999 Strategy Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Windows
Worms: A Space Oddity 2008 Action, Strategy Wii
Worms Blast 2002 Action GameCube, Macintosh, PlayStation 2, Windows
Worms Forts: Under Siege! 2004 Strategy PlayStation 2, Windows, Xbox
Worms: Open Warfare 2006 Action, Strategy Nintendo DS, PSP
Worms: Open Warfare 2 2007 Action, Strategy Nintendo DS, PSP
Worms: Reinforcements 1995 Action, Strategy DOS
Worms: The Director's Cut 1997 Strategy Amiga
Worms Triple Pack 2002 Strategy Windows
Worms United 1996 Strategy DOS
Worms World Party 2001 Action, Strategy Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance, N-Gage, PlayStation, Windows, Windows Mobile
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